No One Should Walk Alone. We Are Here To Help.


The Essentials

  • Initial interviewing and needs assessment

  • Attitude assessment

  • Medical resources

  • Food, clothing and shelter needs

  • Safe placement of their children

  • A specific multi-step process to victory

  • Process for formal assessment

  • Spiritual support and mentorship

The Stabilizers

  • Legal resources
  • Counseling needs
  • Psychological needs
  • Accountability training
  • Group and individual support, encouragement and accountability
  • Support training for families and close friends walking the journey with the clients

The Continuing of Life

  • Job training
  • Social skills training
  • Interview opportunities
  • Follow-up with employer
  • Money management advisors
  • Upon graduation, get them involved with new clients as quickly as possible

Our Mission

We provide resources necessary to support our clients in breaking their chains of addiction and assist them in removing roadblocks to restore their life, while leading them into a lasting relationship with Christ.

If you or someone you love suffer addictions and want to make a commitment to breaking their chains and becoming a  successful member of society, we will make a commitment to one another during this process and will, like Jesus did, meet you where you are.