How Can We Serve You?

We were fighting the small avenues of people’s pain. Drugs. Porn, alcohol are the ends to a mean. A very thick, heavy, deadly, messy end to a mean but still that. Addiction defined by Merriam-Webster is “having a compulsive physiological need for a habit-forming substance”. Literally your brain and body fighting for more of what destroys it. We see addiction as the disease it is; but we refuse to let it define you forever! Addiction can be treated and fullness in life is possible. The origin of addiction is the Latin word – addictus defined as “"to give over, surrender, apply or devote (oneself) habitually," We want to help you stop giving over, surrendering, habitually devoting your life to addiction. Click “I’m Not Who I Was” to see stories of lives changed!

Words from a Recovering Addict Tristin: Being an addict is no better or worse than anyone’s or any other struggle. It’s just more obvious. Her road to redemption was very attacking in its nature. Understanding the harm and pain she caused herself and others – staring back at it and saying no more. It was harsh. She said, “you can’t fluff the experience, it’s hard, rainy, drudging and you are absolutely clawing your way out.” Her road to recovery drew her to God and NA. She now serves as a secretary to her meetings and is seeking out her degree to be a drug counselor

We Can Help You If: You suffer addictions and have a total commitment to breaking their chains of addiction and becoming a productive and successful member of society. We will make a commitment to one another during this process and will, like Jesus did, meet you where you are.