I Have Every Right Today to be Angry and Unforgiving!

Anger and Unforgiveness are two of Satan's playpens. He loves to keep us angry and unforgiving so that we lose the peace and joy of the Lord. It is especially dangerous in recovery from addiction. If I play the "blame game" and blame everyone else for the negative circumstances that I am instead of taking responsibility for my own actions, then I will never have total freedom from addiction. Anger and Unforgiveness will be triggers to drink and use again before we even realize it. Please read this article and meditate on what God's Word says about this. "From a worldly perspective, I did have every right to be angry and unforgiving, but from a godly perspective, my anger and unforgiveness held me hostage to a lack of joy. The longer I felt justified in my anger and the more I held onto it, the stronger a foothold the devil had in my heart, and the tighter the chains became.

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Blog Author: Randy Rial